Elemech employs specialized engineers and technicians from various fields including Power Generation, Oil & Gas as well as Mining to provide top quality services to our customer satisfaction. We offer complete solution for procurement, packing, local logistics, final customer-specific product-packing and world-wide delivery, including all customs formalities up to the final destination and technical support in various jobs.

Elemech has an adequate sales and technical infrastructure with qualified Engineers to provide technical support in industrial products and technology to its customers. As experts within the field of international trade and various projects, we work with clients for their procurement requirements and technical services.

Elemech’s worldwide relationship ensures a prompt and efficient sourcing of various engineering equipment and spares from multiple origins anywhere in the world, which allows our customers to choose the best product to meet their specific needs while maintaining their budget and schedule. We will respond promptly to your inquiries, sourcing products to your specification and making you fast competitive offers.


Our strategic partners’ engineers and expert technicians have unsurpassed technical knowledge to supply our customers the best method of repair along with a detailed repair analysis. Every repair is carried out in the North America with exact precision using the latest technology, mandatory process controls, and the highest quality materials. We supply fully documented repair reports.

By facilitating the highest quality repairs, we help you lengthen the life of your existing GT parts and reduce operating costs in the long term. By combining experienced, carefully-chosen shops with our value-added approach, we are able to facilitate the repair.

In many cases, this enables our customers to avoid the significantly higher cost of newly manufactured components as well as benefit from faster turnaround times. Our trusted team of engineers and expert technicians work with Elemech and the gas turbine engine owners to restore parts to their original fit, form and function. Our strategic partners specialize in the high quality repair of industrial gas turbine engine components. Specifically, we focus on hot gas path and combustion components of all major turbines. We also offer repairs for a multitude of control parts.